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NOX Night Sculpture Walk

Randwick Environmental Park, Sydney, Australia

‘Every couple of years, the wetlands and green spaces of Randwick in Sydney's east come to life during Nox Night, the biennial event that sees sculptures and artwork plonked in the middle of nature.’


Inspired by the classic tale The Ugly Duckling, this artwork The Ugly Duckling, aims to highlight the long-lived misconception about racism pictured in the classic story. It depicts the main character – the ugly duckling, who suffered isolation from different animal groups and struggled to find a place of belonging simply because of his ‘ugly’ and peculiar appearance.


This work emphasises a need for a change in racial labelling. You are welcome to scan the QR code from the picture with your smartphone and read my illustrated version of The Ugly Duckling story.


Quack, Quack. We, the ducklings family, are hidden in the Randwick Environment Park.

The Ugly Duckling Tiffany Ian Tong Ho
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